Friday, July 1, 2016

Its All About That Pie...That Butterscotch Pie

Are you are wondering whats up with all the recent posts to my blog? 
Figured you might be....
We moved recently. I feel like we are 2/3 here in our new place and still 1/3 in our old place. My art supplies took a back seat in the initial move. So, here I am, no job, boxes unpacked, and no art supplies! I am very limited on what I can do artistically. 

Don't get me wrong, I love making digital art as much as the next person. At the end of the day, I am a hands on, tactile surface, art creating kind of person. So, I miss my paints, brushes and canvas a LOT right now. 

In the mean time, you get to be entertained (or not) with how I occupy myself in my new environment. Now, who's ready to see my slideshow on butterscotch pie? I am including the recipe. Its an old school recipe from an older southern lady that I have used since I began baking. 

Endorsement disclaimer: Although you can see the name brands of some of the products I use, this is NOT a paid endorsement. 

If you have questions about the steps. Please feel free to ask!

ButterScotch Pie:
3 egg yolk (save whites in separate bowl)
(use fresh eggs if you can, so much better!!!)
1 can cream
1/4 c. all purpose flour
1 c. packed, brown sugar
1 c. water (I use 3/4 c.)
4 tbsp butter (use the real stuff)

In your pan: mix egg yolks, brown sugar, flour and mix well
Add in milk, water, stirring well again
cook over med/high heat until mixture thickens. Stirring constantly to prevent sticking and burning on bottom
remove from heat, add butter and vanilla, stir again

I use a pre-made crust (you don't have to)
It should baked per label instructions while you begin mixing pie ingredients and they are cooking
Remove from oven, add pie mixture

Next, Make your meringue

Return pie to oven and let meringue bake until slightly toasted

you have just made butterscotch pie

PS-there had to be some reference to art here!!!
Back Ground Image:
Rooster by Valerie Dowdy

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Live. Work. Create....

I want to share some exciting news. 
Recently, I applied to become a Painted Fox Home affiliate. 
Being a fan, and avid follower on #Instagram and decided, why not? After all, I believe in their products enough to purchase them myself! I am waiting (impatiently) for this beauty to arrive right now. 
Live. Work. Create. 
(my motto) to tempt all my unique, bag loving friends. 
If your not in the market for a bag, no worries, they've got all your farmhouse #swag needs covered from lighting fixtures to floor covering! 

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How To Make Lotion...

With a little more time on my hands than normal, I decided to try something I've been researching online and in local markets or shops, and that is homemade lotion. My problem is that I am very allergic to perfumes, cleaners with heavy odors, scented candles, etc. To the point that I've developed allergic asthma. And honestly, the quality of unscented products on the market are not that great.
So, I decided why not...

Making Lotion:

The basic recipe is actually pretty simple. There are three main ingredients, 
1. water
2. oil
3. emulsifier 
(The emulsifier is the binding agent for the oil and water.) 
You will also need, measuring cups, a mixer, a microwaveable bowl, and a spatula, airtight jar(s) for storage

From this point there are numerus ingredients that you can add. From the types of oils (coconut, olive, grapeseed, aloe gel), or combinations of these. I added vitamin E to my recipe for its healing properties and antioxidant value. There are so many scents out there you can add it's mind boggling. Be as creative as you like, and develop your own personal signature recipe. OR, if you're like me, you can design a lotion that has qualities you need, without the added perfumes or ingredients that you may not feel comfortable using on your skin. 

Should you decide to give making lotion a try, please note a few facts: 
This recipe is preservative free and will last around 2-3 weeks
If you choose to use coconut oil (I did) and you refridgerate your lotion, it can solidify. 
Do your research, and make sure you understand the chemical properties of your product. 
I am not recommending any recipe in particular, there are many out there to choose from! 

And last, but not least, have fun! 


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