97 Days Left (Day 267)

8×10 oil on canvas
I guess you have noticed that I am continuing the count down in each day’s blog. I just can not help it. I still get excited, I see each day as progress and I am proud. I guess we never know how far we can push ourselves until we try.
I choose the title tonight with several thoughts in mind. I have obviously been influenced by nature, no real shock there. What I do want, is to inspire you. I want you to think about why I chose this title, and how it visually parallels the art the definition of the title I chose.
Growth comes when simple conditions are met, something like mist, we see, it but can not manage to always capture. But what is growth really? To me it might mean one thing, and to you, another. As with most things, they say the more we practice the better we become at achieving it. To abandon our fears and embrace unknown possibilities is scary. But when we manage to tap into it,  our imaginations soar, boundaries collapse and spirits rise.
Charles Hawthorne says that as an artist attempts to develop the beauty he sees, he in turn develops himself. I like that thought of that.



  1. Nancy,
    I think you came into my blog life at the perfect time. I appreciate your support and kind words. They inspire and renew my spirit in the project.


  2. Love this! I wish I could watch you paint! I hope when your year is up, you will still be painting and posting!