Day 105 It Is Still A Landscape, Or, Is it?

8×10 oil on Stretched Canvas  
Lately, you have been very quiet and that is cool. I know holidays are hectic and demanding, and as much as we love them, we are always glad when the are done, right? Hopefully, you are back into your routine with minimum damage, still checking in with me!
I have a question for you today, and I will re-post it in facebook where a lot of you are more comfortable talking. I do hope you will participate either way.
With the exception of my week of women, have you picked up on any changes in the art? What do you think is happening? Do you see the landscapes still? In a slowly broadening and looser interpretation? More use of shapes, color and textures as a representation of hard lines?
In the struggle with understanding expression and abstract work. IMO, the impressionists not only “threw open the door” on interpreting movement in landscapes along with conceptualizing light and reflection, but, they “opened the windows” as well. And what happens? In comes the expressionists who concentrate mostly on emotions in the interpretation of what they paint. Then there is the abstract artist’s, shapes and forms again and colors too. But those colors range far and wide in simple or complex levels.
While not sticking to a historical outline, because we all know that art has detoured in the time line, what I am trying to clarify or unite is the movement that impressionism started for the other ‘isms I just discussed. 
At the end of the post, all I have to offer is, just an opinion. Maybe you agree maybe not. I look forward to hearing from you either way.
Enjoy your evening.



  1. I would still love to hear from some more of you out there! LOVE IT!!!

  2. I haven't decided yet what I see in this one….each time I look at it, I see something else. I see Michelle's room, I see Kathy's nature scene. Mostly, though, from the abstracts you've posted lately I don't necessarily see anything in particular….I see a feeling or an emotion….which makes me feel good!

  3. Thanks girls for responding. I hope we hear from some more of you! and thank you both for being here.

  4. I see a waterfall with a tree at its peak of red in autumn. There are large rocks in the pond, a stepping stone made my nature.

  5. Visualize… I quess I should proof read before posting oops.

  6. No I do not see a landscape, sorry, but what I see is totally different. I see a room with a fireplace,a woman in white beside of it….I know that probably is crazy but thats what I see. I can't wait to hear what other people visulaize. Either way it is beautiful.