Day 11: ….. flowing like colors from a prism through the paintbrush

     Today someone informed me that it is daughter week. Really?? Okay. So, umm-happy daughter’s day to everyone!

     Yesterday’s work left me dissatisfied.. I was not happy with my results. Which of course stressed  me,and, I worried about how I was going to work through those hang ups tonight.  By the time it was actually ready to paint-I had completely psyched myself out. There I sat, looking at my materials and trying to push some paint around on the canvas. I know you want to hear that things went smooth, flowing like colors from a prism through the paintbrush and out onto the canvas, right? It did not. At that point, I am sitting there looking at a mucked up and UNFINISHED canvas. What did I do? ….umm. Ok, yes, I turned the music up really loud (of course), danced around the room a bit, pouting (of course)- put my big girl panties on and tried again.

       I wonder if people will ever understand the artist. We are driven in a way that is beyond explanation to express life in a substantial, meaningful product-driving out and laying bare feelings, passions, secrets, and emotions. We do this when most do not care, because we can not stop. Often, this effort is unnoticed nor given any familial support or respect from our piers. Everywhere we turn, there are opinions-unqualified though they usually are, critical and judgmental as well-still we work.  

Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.~


I know, I know……..I gotta get a camera. My poor Black Berry Camera is trying its best, but its just not quite up to the task.


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  1. You can see the driving force behind this one was emotional, but you're holding back. Jump out of the box and stand on your head – – Dad buy Mom a camera!