Day 19: ……….Did you Know that Leonardo Da Vinci invented high heels

     ….we should have known it was a man, right? 

     Today I felt the need to work early. So, while most of my family slept you could find me in the basement singing dreadfully OFF key, and painting painting painting.

 I do not know what routines other artists follow, nor, does it really matter. It is just something we all have and we all do, right? Even the non-artists. (ha ha)  Routines have long been necessary-we are definitely creatures of habit. We all gravitate toward established routines because they enable us to make order out of our daily lives. For some people, however, around two percent, the natural desire for order and routine can evolve into something much more dangerous to mental and emotional health. Scary right? Something so innate- vital even, yet, something that can lead us to the edge of a mental disorder.

     What intricate unusual miraculous beings we are. Kind of like trees don’t you think?

I hope everyone got to spend some time outdoors today enjoying our beautiful weather, blue skies and colorful trees! 

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas  $100



  1. Did Leonardo da Vinci really invent high heels?

  2. I finally caught up on your blog! I love the tree paintings. You have such a awesome talent!