Day 221……..Flowers (valerie style)

8×10 oils
Friday afternoon and early afternoon at that, and can you believe it, art is done and blogged! I hope you are impressed, because I am with myself!
I have to admit that the past two days have rocked. If, you do not know me and are wondering how you should be able to know this, I will explain. It is spring, the days have been beautiful, the rich smells of grass, dirt and flowers are everywhere, and I am outdoors “grubbing” to my hearts content. 
There is a new landscaping business here in BSG, across from the high school named Landscape Enterprise (I think). They have very healthy plants, and smiling friendly faces-I was treated courteously. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Hope you consider shopping local as well. The farmers market should be opening soon too. I will have to check into that. It is open Saturday mornings. I look forward to that as well. 
In closing, I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are supposed to have some really nice weather. Get out and warm your bones!