Day 273…….91 days to go

8×10 oil on canvas
I know Monday’s are never looked upon favorably by most of us. Returning to work and the daily grind are never any fun. I am fortunate in that my schedule is unique. I awoke this morning to storms crashing all around. There were loud claps of thunder, vivid lightening streaks across the sky and buckets of pouring rain. Not such an exciting way to start my day, I thought. But that opinion changed, as my day began to progress.
There is no great plot to relate, sequence of events, or climax to share. Just a series of minutes in one persons day that passed one after another. 
Why then is this important you are wondering? There is none. It is just a simple passage of time and events. It is the impressions they formed and the sum total they added to one persons life, mine, and they make all the difference to me.
In turn, I, am sharing them with you. After all, that is what this blog is really all about.